Online Course Start Video Agency from Home with PowerPoint
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Start Video Agency from Home with PowerPoint

This course is the gateway for starting a thriving video agency using PowerPoint. Students learn some of the best ways to use PowerPoint to design and create delightful and exciting videos that businesses need for marketing and selling their products.

With 24+ projects or modules, this course will help anyone master various video making skills with PowerPoint. More projects will be added in the future.

After completing the course, you’ll transform as an expert video maker using PowerPoint for sleek professional videos as under:

1. Kinetic typography video

2. Explainer video with animated text and vector illustration

3. Parallax video with images and animated text

4. Picture-in-picture video with animated text

5. Presentation video with animated illustration and text

6. Social media video with animated image, video and text (coming soon..)

Remember, there are attractive FREE bonuses you just can’t miss! Take this course to start lucrative video agency TODAY!

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