Ebook A More Spiritual Life
Wookye Rating   4.2

A More Spiritual Life

If one tries the trick of discarding, that is, the intention to leave out what does not fill us or like us, that trimming also implies an inability to accept the real.

Spirituality is not a cut-out reality, it is a full and assumed reality, fully integrated, accepted even to the point of constituting a challenge that is not easy to answer.

Spiritual is to see beyond the divisions of the defensive existential position: this does not, neither that, the other beyond. As long as you do not want parts, in the end there is nothing left. The world was emptied of meaning and the spiritual assumption has to conceive an imaginary reality, inaccessible, in which nobody will ever be able to live, because it does not exist.

This book will make you live your spirituality inside and put aside the material things to live a life full of happiness.

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