Ebook 155 Idioms to Boost Your English
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E-book 155 Idioms to Boost Your English

What is this? This is an e-book that presents the top 155 idioms used by english speakers.

What is the contect? You will find here the expressions, their meanings, usages and examples.

Why do I need this? If you want to speak a fluent and natural english, you need to know the expressions that english speakers use day-by-day.

You won’t find another material on internet containing such amount of idioms with their features and examples.

Is this for me? If you really want to be a better english speakers, so YES!

What are the other features?

  • E-book in english;
  • The delivery will be made digitally;
  • You can reach our team to solve any issues or questions, any time you want.

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